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It started in 1963, when three pioneering surgeons opened the clinic that would become Cape Town’s first surgical facility dedicated exclusively to cosmetic surgery. Dr David Davies and his partners, Dr Fanna Malherbe and Dr Bertie Binnewald, all leaders in the field of plastic surgery, had a unique vision, and the new Shirnel Clinic was born.

Starting as a practical, close-at-hand extension of their practices, it was the beginning of something that would grow much bigger, fulfilling the vision of its founders. At first, the facility offered only smaller procedures under local anaesthetic, extending later to smaller procedures under general anaesthetic, in a day clinic with a six bed recovery ward. Other surgeons joined the practice, while some moved on, with Dr Des Fernandes, the creator of the Environ brand, becoming a driving force behind our growth and progress.

In 2003 we established a full service clinic. It was a big, bold step forward. The clinic now offered total care as a select, dedicated cosmetic surgical unit in a luxurious and discreet environment – the very first of its kind in Cape Town. In 2004 renovations began at the Breë Street building where the clinic is now located. The renamed Renaissance Clinic welcomed its first patients in 2005.

Nearly 60 years later, we’re now known as The Cosmetic Surgery Institute. There has been much growth, and many changes and improvements that we’re proud of, but the clinic retains its original mission, vision and ethos. Through the decades, we have retained our unique identity as a personalised, intimate clinic with a holistic approach, a focus on personal care and luxurious comfort in a fully equipped, world-class facility with a team of highly skilled, leading cosmetic surgeons.